Entrepreneurship vs. Professional Management: What’s the Difference?

April 18, 2016

Successfully moving from a small to large(r) organization does not happen automatically as sales grow and employees are hired. At each stage of growth, a thoughtful look at where your company is, and where it needs to go, is essential for rapid scale and successful execution. Here we briefly discuss key differences between a start-up and a professionally managed company.

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9-Box Talent Assessment for Team Leads

April 15, 2016

A routine and clear process for evaluating team members is essential for having highly performing teams, and for retaining and growing top talent. This is especially important in companies that are rapidly scaling or going through a major transition as the criteria by which employees are evaluated sends a clear signal to all of what is valued, and how to be successful here. We often hear complaints about how ‘unfairly’ individuals are promoted OR that ‘there is no room for me to grow here.’ This stems from a lack of transparency around what it means to excel in your current role. Without clarity around the evaluation process, promotions can feel ‘unfair’ instead of something to celebrate, and an opportunity to recognize the values you want leaders within your organization to display. Here we provide a commonly used tool, the ‘9-box for potential and performance’ to help you create a process for evaluating your team’s talent and creating an action plan from that assessment.

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