Getting Your Team Good at Decision Making

April 18, 2016

Making and communicating decisions is essential to effective leadership, and a defining characteristic of highly performing teams. As companies grow in size of employees, the need for clarity around how decisions are made and communicated becomes even more important, as missteps here can have big consequences. We urge the leaders and teams we work with to have conversations within their teams about how decisions are made, and to have clearly defined ways that decisions are communicated all the way down to the factory floor. An essential piece of that plan is the discussion around what to do when a previously made decision is altered. Being good at this means you run a sophisticated, efficient, highly productive organization. We provided a suggested framework here.

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Developing Your Leadership Game Plan: A Framework for CEOs

In our work with CEOs, we see consistent themes across those who are successful, impactful leaders. These themes include: knowing where you are going; getting everyone working towards that vision and on the same page with what the priorities are; and implementing the right leadership team, processes, and culture achieve the vision. This is hard work. Most of the coaching with do with CEOs centers around the first and second topics (vision and alignment), and once we nail that, we begin working throughout the organization on the third (processes and culture. Here is a framework we’ve developed in thinking about how leaders can make their biggest impact.

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