LRNG by Collective Shift Received $25 Million of Funding from MacArthur Foundation

Since 2006, MacArthur Foundation has invested in learning of the future via supporting a portfolio of different non-profits and social enterprises. It became clear that in order to scale its impact in this area, a different business and organizational model was needed – one that combines the knowledge and expertise of the Foundation with the agility, viability, and focus of businesses. MacArthur partnered with IDEO to layout prototypes of what this new enterprise might look like and engaged FourBridges’ help to map out the strategic roadmap and business plan for this new venture. Together, FourBridges and MacArthur created an end-to-end plan to guide the fundraising and formation of this new venture. This strategic and operating plan served as the blueprint for the inauguration of a new organization, LRNG, a social enterprise that is spearheading a movement that invites all stakeholders – schools, businesses, funders, and community institutions, to participate in redesigning learning for the connected age.

LRNG case study