Peter DuPont
Peter DuPont
Partner and CEO Coach

What path did you take to become a CEO / executive coach? 

After leading functional teams for decades, my move to CEO was shocking. My 15 years as a CEO for three companies, each experiencing rapid growth or in substantial ‘transition’, meant fast change had to be envisioned and driven. What I found was that the highest performing CEOs were working with coaches. They found direction, inspiration, and energy from their journey of perpetual growth and improvement. This ‘aha’ moment launched me on my own journey of development, and work with several executive coaches.

When do you have the most fun doing this work?

CEOs and their teams face lots of challenges. I have fun getting to know each person under many different circumstances. It’s rewarding and an honor to have earned mutual trust so we can all contribute, and come up with the best solution to their challenges.


Tennis, golf, bridge, skiing, investing, family. Serving on boards of small or mid-cap sized private companies.

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