Kristin Gregory
Kristin Gregory
Strengths-Based Leadership Coach

What do you spend your days focused on?

Helping individuals and teams articulate and actualize their greatest potential. Melding ancient wisdom with modern science. Designing experiential learning programs for executive teams, start-ups, and students.

How do you partner with Four Bridges Advisory?

Four Bridges brings me in to help their clients enhance productivity, engagement, and leadership through discovering and developing their strengths using Clifton StrengthsFinder, a research based assessment.

Why do you love the StrengthsFinder personality assessment?

StrengthsFinder enables teams and individuals to maximize their productivity, engagement, and well-being by embracing their unique differences and personalizing the way they work and achieve goals. The common positive language StrengthsFinder provides a common positive language to focus and embrace their unique talents and apply them towards their goals.

What else do you want to tell us?

I lead leadership retreats on a cattle ranch in Buffalo, Wyoming. We provide individuals and teams with Western experiences that intentionally create transformation and lasting leadership application for everyday life. Read more at

Top 5 Strengths: WOO, Empathy, Individualization, Activator, Strategic

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