Hsiang-Yi Lin
Hsiang-Yi Lin
Founding Partner and Principle Strategist

Why do you do the work you do?

My passion for helping leaders develop, articulate, and align their teams around a clear strategic narrative stems from my corporate experience. In my 10+ years of operating experience in both large companies, such as FedEx, Yahoo, Intuit, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as start-ups, the common thing I observed was the gap between the vision and the tactical execution. When that link is missing, people struggle to understand the “why” and are unable to align their efforts toward the same end goal.

Growth stalls as efforts become diffused, resources are wasted with duplication of efforts, frustrations build up as ambiguities intensify, and top talent starts to leave as confidence in the leadership tanks. This vicious cycle is drastically intensified when companies (whether proactively or reactively) experience significant changes in their business.

As the speed of change continues to increase, it’s critically important for leaders to drive clarity, resilience, and focus. My mission at Four Bridges Advisory is to help leaders develop these skills so they can transform their business.

I am fulfilled by opportunities to impact the people and companies I work with at Four Bridges Advisory. Every project, client, and situation is unique – whether it is rapid scaling and expansion, a strategic pivot, or cultural transformation. CEOs and their teams look to us to help drive big, complex growth agendas in their organizations. We help bring clarity, alignment, and focus to our clients during complex times. Our clients are up to something BIG and most of all, I love helping clients realize their audacious vision.

How did your previous experience prepare you for this work?

Having worked in operating roles at a variety of industries is really helpful as a consultant. I have lead business units in Fortune 500 companies and built and scaled teams at start-ups. These experiences gave me the ability to quickly tune in to organizational dynamics and step into the client’s shoes.

What is your leadership style?

I’ve witnessed my own evolution from striving to be right and to be liked, to being a guide that helps others believe in the (im)possible, helps them be clear and calm in the midst of chaos, and to see the potential in themselves. A ‘leader’ is not a title. It is earned, not given. It is how you show up each day, each moment.

Tell us about your work with social enterprises.

I am an avid supporter of social enterprises and non-profits in my community, as I believe they play a special role in our society. Through Harvard Business School Community Partners, I volunteer my time with an array of local non-profits on strategic issues, and help channel pro-bono resources to them. Education and Young Women Leadership are two areas that I feel deeply connected to and support in a variety of ways.

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