A Practical Guide to Authentic Leadership

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Do you feel out of control in your continually changing work environment?

Does your leadership style still meet the demand of your new role?

Change is imminent and necessary in today’s business landscape. To thrive in change, leaders must be adaptive and perceptive toward the personal, interpersonal, and systemic dynamics in their organization. In time of uncertainty, many high-performing achievers are trapped by their old habits, thinking patterns, and biases. To successfully navigate this increasingly complex environment, they must tap into their inner resourcefulness to stay resilient and versatile.

This book will help you find ease and confidence as a leader in highly challenging times. Through your own leadership context, you will develop awareness around the assumptions, limiting beliefs, and non-serving tendencies that stand in the way of fully realizing your impact as a leader.

You will explore topics such as:

• Leading with authenticity
• Managing yourself in difficult times
• Building a shared vision
• Breaking down myopic thinking and organizational silos
• Aligning teams
• Cultivating a learning culture

… and more.